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February, 2023
This service might be insecure is a service that will help students with writing assignments. The company has a good reputation, but will it stand scrutiny? In this review on Essayshark, you will find out the answer. Short Description

It's quite an attractive service for writing student papers. At first glance, the site is functional and does not contain redundant information. You can place an order immediately after loading the page; the form is at the very top.


  • multiple free additional options;
  • 24/7 support;
  • wide range of services;
  • easy application from iOS.


  • absence of a price list;
  • no benefits or discounts for the first order;
  • no free anti-plagiarism report.

Table of facts

  1. Owned by FrogProg Limited.
  2. Minimal price per page $13.40.
  3. Revision policy Yes.
  4. Refund policy Yes.

My own experience of using

In order to do this Essayshark review, we ordered an essay on management theory. For the sake of the experiment, we set a comfortable deadline of 5 days. It's more than enough to accomplish this simple 5-page assignment. 

The process of ordering is convenient and fast. There is nothing to complain about. All in all, it took less than half an hour. Anyone can spend this amount of time to get the essay. Furthermore, the work was delivered before the deadline, which is an argument in favor of this service.

The quality is acceptable too. In my humble opinion, some aspects of the problem need more explanation, but the overall quality is high enough. Therefore, I would give this paper an A- grade. So, the writer still has something to work on. 

Summering up, the service is good. It's not a scam; you get the work you've ordered. They fulfill their promises, provide timely delivery, and the paper level is enough for most students. 

Pricing and fees

Making an Essayshark prices review is more complex because, as we mentioned before, there is no clear price list on the site. The price for an essay starts at $13.40. To know the exact sum, you have to place an order. The approximate pricing is below.

  • Admission essay is up to $46.70 per page
  • Case study is $46.70 per page
  • Term paper is $46.70 per page
  • Thesis/dissertation is $46.70 per page

As you can see, the price is equal for all types of academic writing except for essay.

Discounts And Promo Codes Available on

The service doesn't provide discounts for the first order. It's a pity. Customers need the motivation to select a company, and practical terms are the best way to attract new clients. Unfortunately, Essayshark is quite confident of its reputation and doesn't need any promotions.

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Order form and ordering process

In other Essayshark customer reviews, I couldn't find anything special about the ordering process. Again, it's because it's convenient and fast.

  1. Create an account. You can do it via email or use your Google or Apple account. It takes less than a minute.
  2. Provide the information about the type of paper you need. A special form with a drop-down menu makes this stage easy. 
  3. Attach additional requirements or files with the guidelines from your teacher. If you have some recommendations or have particular preferences, attach them as a file or type them in the dedicated window.
  4. Confirm the order and make the payment. That's all! Now you can relax and wait for the writers' offers.
  5. Select the author and wait for the paper. Live your life, study, meet with friends. You'll receive the completed assignment before the set deadline.

I had no problems while placing an order. The system functions fine. My user experience was good.

Customer support and company guarantees

The site has information that the support works around the clock. As a test, I contacted them at night. The response time was pleasant. I didn't have to wait in line. The support staff quickly answered my questions. Excellent service work. If you have questions or encounter a technical problem, you can be sure that your problem will be solved promptly and efficiently.

Regarding guarantees, they are also on top. The company promises a full or partial refund if you are not satisfied with the quality of the order or have a claim. I did not have a chance to check the execution of this item, as the quality could have been higher. If all the authors write the same way, the company rarely has to return the money paid.

Revisions and final quality of paper

As I already mentioned, I was pleased with the quality. In principle, it was possible not to find fault, but I wanted to check the operation of the service. So I contacted the company and requested edits. The author took into account all my comments and corrected the work promptly. The process for requesting corrections was convenient. Everything went quickly and easily.

The qualification of writers on

In Essayshark paper writing reviews, you can find good feedback about the writers. I tend to agree with this opinion. I have only positive experiences of my communication with the author. The level of professional skills is enough to write a decent essay. 

I can't test all the writers on this service, but positive Essayshark writers reviews speak for themselves. The company carefully chooses authors to protect its reputation.

Reputation or "people talking"

In this review, I concentrate on my personal experience of using the service, but I need to pay attention to the opinions of other users. So, I studied many Essayshark reviews to have a full picture. As a result, the service has a solid reputation on the Internet. 

In one Essayshark com review, the former client mentioned the presence of typos in the text and some problems with formatting style. Well, such things happen, and the review author says that the problem was solved after the revision. Reviews from

We can't ignore Essayshark reviews Reddit provides. I've read some reviews, and they are positive too. By the way, one of the authors mentions that all the writers of this service have US or Canadian education. So it's great if you need papers for US educational facilities.

One Essayshark Reddit review mentions relatively high prices. It may be true, but quality things can't be free. Finally, you can always do the assignment and not pay anyone. The majority of Reddit Essayshark reviews coincide with my opinion.

Loyalty program

I haven't found the mentioning of a loyalty program on the site. Likewise, I can't tell you anything about this part because I made only one order. In the future, if I continue to test this service, I can make an update.

Types of services

EssayShark can help you with the following types of assignments:

  • Essay
  • Business plan
  • Case study
  • Article review
  • Course work
  • Term paper
  • Thesis/Dissertation

Their authors can also write any creative task or make a bibliography list for your paper.

Offers and extra services

In this review for EssayShark I also want to mention additional services. You can order a title list for your paper or a particular citation style. All these options are free. Unfortunately, they don't offer a report of an antiplagiarism check. I checked the paper myself, and it was 100% unique, so I have nothing to complain about. But it would be great to receive a confirmation right away.

EssayShark Reviews

I couldn't find a single negative review. Yes, there are some faults, and the service can improve. But they are not a scam. All clients get their papers, and all of them are satisfied with the quality. The central point of complaint is the pricing. In my review, I confirm that this is a legit service with a good reputation and skilled writers.


Is trustworthy?

Yes, I proved it for myself. They fulfilled all their responsibilities and gave me a good paper on time. So you can trust this service and its specialists.

Is EssayShark efficient?

In my opinion, yes. I'm delighted with the service. They work fast and efficiently. I have only positive user experience after placing an order and receiving the paper.

Is Essayshark a safe platform?

I think so. They have plenty of payment methods and claim to protect customers' information. Personally, I didn't experience any problems working with this company.

Is scam?

No. You get what you pay for. EssayShark review Reddit provides confirms that it's an honest company with a good reputation.

Is EssayShark legit?

For the question: is EssayShark legit? Reddit gives a positive answer. So I can confirm it too. It's a good service; you can try it if you need help with a writing assignment.

What people say about

Sandra Mathews
08 Feb 2023

Thanks for your detailed opinion! This review convinces me to try this service.

Jared Barton
04 Feb 2023

I agree with every word. I used the service myself and got an excellent term paper.

02 Nov 2022

All EssayShark reviews need to include the fact that the writers are different. Some of them are good, but others can’t manage a complicated task. So, select carefully and watch the rating.

05 Jan 2023

I had my share of doubts, but this EssayShark review dispelled them. So I’m going to place an order today.

19 Jan 2023

Thanks for the detailed review! I’m sure that the company isn’t a scam, but still, have concerns about the paper quality. I think I’ll try this service.

16 Dec 2022

I bought a course work on last month and got a good grade.

John Mclaughlin
16 Dec 2022

I don’t need a paper at the moment, but I read this review all the same. Good job!

05 Jan 2023

You are very convincing; I’ll order a paper from EssayShark.

15 Dec 2022

Great review with all the answers I need. This service deserves its high ratings.

Eric Spears
06 Jan 2023

Maybe EssayShark is good, but their prices are too high. You can find a cheaper service.

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