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January, 2023
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A writing company called StudyBay is helpful for students with their assignments and focuses on offering academic support. There are more than twenty such sites, and there are no obvious differences between them. This platform got my interest while I was seeking for a new website to evaluate and comment on because it sounded reliable.

Brief description

But is it trustworthy? I'll provide a response in my review. This platform provided a wonderful initial impression, and I had faith that they would provide me with a quality paper. They have numerous favorable customer reviews and excellent warranties.


  • high caliber;
  • great tool;
  • prices and timelines are negotiable;
  • perfect standing.


  • no free plagiarism detector;
  • annoying technique of bidding help;
  • uncooperative support personnel;
  • uncertain price table.

Table of facts

  1. Owned by Edutec Limited
  2. Years in operation 11
  3. Minimal rate for page $6
  4. Deadline 24 hours
  5. Revision policy Yes

Experience of using

This is the first time I have used review to conduct a review because I am not a huge fan of bidding services. A 3-page paper with a five-day deadline was what I ordered. After clicking the "Place an Order" button, their writers bombarded me with dozens of emails. But it is okay. Also I saw one review of studybay.
I choose the author to complete my homework. His initial price was $40, but I ultimately paid $54 due to a commission from
When I first got the paper, at first glance, everything seemed coherent and well-structured, but as I continued to read, I saw some small errors. The paper was obviously produced by someone with good knowledge of the issue and whose first language was English. My writer conducted basic online research and wrote as much as was humanly possible.

Pricing and fees

Service namePrice of a paper
Academic writing15$
Admission essays18$


Is there any discounts and promo codes on Studybay’s

Unfortunately, the company doesn’t provide any discounts and promo codes as a really cheap company about Studybay prices review.

Order form and ordering process

The ordering procedure is quite simple. To make an account, you must first enter your email address and password. Give a general description of your paper and the due date. Include specific printed instructions and a request to upload further files. Confirm the order, then watch for a response from the writers.

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Customer support and company guarantees

Customer service at StudyBay is, in my opinion, quite troublesome concern. In essence, live chat is the sole option to get in touch with customer service. Email is not an option for me because it will take forever to receive a response, and I wouldn't dare waste any more of my valuable time than is absolutely necessary. Promising verified chat support is provided, so I write this review for studybay.
My initial message was answered by a support worker in 2 minutes, which is not incredibly quick but acceptable. Then for more than five minutes, he simply ignored my votes and didn't respond.

Revisions and final quality of paper

Although it is stated on their website that there is a 30-day warranty period, I have not seen any explicit revision policies. They don't say how many free revisions are available, but I believe there is no cap on how many can be made. You can check Studybay paper writing reviews.
The final product's quality was good. My author conducted basic online research and wrote as much as he could within the constraints of his skills. I checked the same Studybay reviews. Since it was simpler for me to edit the paper myself and correct the errors, I didn't even request a revision.

Writers at

Although writers are strong at editing and organizing, their research abilities may be slightly improved. Writers are frequently willing to write about what they are familiar with, but this may limit their capacity to take on a variety of tasks and result in the creation of content of poor quality.
What people say
I decided to look for some Studybay reviews because I always see what people have to say about a product or service. Accordingly, the website has a strong online presence. In review occasionally made false claims by citing phony review websites, but overall, most social media outlets are aware of its rep.

Studybay Reviews from

According to some, you should definitely give Reddit Studybay a try if you're interested in how the website operates and the caliber of its writers. There are many different academic specialties, so you can produce excellent work well before the deadline. If you are wondering, is studybay legit reddit? To avoid wasting time, you should, nevertheless, attempt a superior essay writing service or look through the studybay review reddit. In this sense, Studybay acts as a stepping stone.

Loyalty program

The most you can get on your proclamations is a $4-$7 reduction because the expenses are already at their lowest point. Simply try to persuade others through dialogue.

Types of services

There is a genuinely astounding list of papers that the StudyBay professionals can produce for you. Rather, assistance is available with:

  • Scholarly writing.
  • Entries assistance.
  • Assistance for dissertations.
  • Enterprise writing.
  • Reworking.

There are more services available than essay writing.

Offers and extra services

There is just one characteristic that I saw. Making your purchase Premium is an alternative if you want additional authors to see your task.

Studybay Reviews

Many websites provide reviews, so you can find them in different domains. Also you can check the customers Studybay reviews reddit or kelvinprof Studybay reviews. I think this website is worthy of your attention.


Is trustworthy website?

My time was much reduced by the available paper version, and my writer met the deadline. Although I believe it to be a trustworthy assistance for learners, I will use it again.

Are you sure Studybay is good?

Yes, I think so. The last paper's grade was pretty good for one reason, so I chose to do my own editing. In any case, editing and structuring the paper is preferable to creating the entire thing from scratch.

Is Studybay safe and reliable?

Yes. They provide a clear modification procedure, and the data you can see is that there is a 30-day contract duration. It indicates that you have 30 days to ask for free corrections, yet it doesn't say how many.

Is a scam?

In my opinion, no. But I didn't like that even though my writer's offer was $40, I was charged $54 because of a StudyBay fee even though the domain made no remark of it! So you need to carefully read a lot of documentation to find this information.

Is Studybay legit?

Due to the murky modification and return policies, I have no doubts. It does not appear that they are hesitant to offer money-back guarantees and don't prefer to find ways to hold students' funds.

What people say about

Charlie Harris
01 Feb 2023

I got the best grade for this studybay review, and it’s all because of you. Prices are inexpensive and deadlines are fairly short. You are the best, so thank you for your service as well as the author. 

Bob Brown
02 Feb 2023

Every single order I’ve placed has been fulfilled on schedule. Every essay was graded with a passing mark of at least 70%. I have placed a total of eight orders with the business and plan to continue doing so until I finish college. 

Bill Martin
03 Feb 2023

I did once request some homework from Studybay, but everything else was perfect. It is reasonable considering the price I spent.

Oscar Robinson
04 Feb 2023

In this service, coursework was ordered. 2 weeks of work were completed. It was a challenging job, and I want to thank the performer in particular for being understanding of all my supervisor’s suggestions.

William Johnson
05 Feb 2023

I’ll give the review company very favorable reviews. organized the work. For a few days, it was actually done. The Professor claimed that there was nothing I could do, even if I wanted to start a fight. Thanks in particular to the managers for their ongoing support.

Oscar Moore
06 Feb 2023

Everything depends on the writer you come across, as already said in studybay reddit review. In my situation, the work and changes were completed on schedule. The author was utterly careless with the work, and much worse with the changes, so I had to redo the assignment myself. 

07 Feb 2023

I sternly encourage anyone who requested the preparation of an essay from this firm or who downloaded the text from the Internet not to do so. He requested me to revise it, and they provided me with a nearly identical version. That’s all written in studybay reviews.

08 Feb 2023

Пожалуйста, обращайтесь только в том случае, если вы готовы рискнуть с автором и следить за событиями.

09 Feb 2023

Я настоятельно предупреждаю вас не обращаться в эту службу, если вы рассматриваете ее. Я разместил заказ на лабораторные работы и произвел необходимые платежи. В целом работа была некорректной, это стало ясно после того, как я сдал экзамен в университете. Мой обзор не очень хорош.

09 Feb 2023

I ordered a short, 2-3 page essay from the website in a week! As a result, I did not receive the job, and on the day I am supposed to pick up my employment, it says that the website is down and won’t even open.

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