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February, 2023
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EssayWriter is a pro essay writing service. The company performs a variety of assignments for high school and college students. Its website evokes respect and trust. All the essential information is given perfectly clearly and with many details. The service is undoubtedly interesting and may be useful for all who look for good academic writers.

Company’s Outline

The main page is well-designed. It contains a lot of information, which is well organized, so you can easily find what you need. All blocks are bright and supported by screenshots and pictures. Another advantage of the EssayWriter is they do almost everything, including PowerPoint presentations, film reviews, and Ph.D. scientific articles.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to choose a specific writer, but when placing an order, you can choose a top expert or a premium expert. In general, the writers in this company are really cool! This is a great benefit, as the quality of paper is the main thing that customers look for in such services. Almost half of all experts are PhDs.

Another detail that I want to point out in my review is the speed of fulfilling orders. They can help you just within 1 hour! The company declares that they are ready to complete even the most urgent orders without loss of quality. Surely, this is not cheap, but if you need an essay in a few hours, then you have no choice.


  • Premium writers with over 6 years of experience.
  • Easy ordering process.
  • The support team responds very quickly.
  • Perfect quality of final papers.
  • Discount for the first order.


  • It is impossible to select a specific writer for the first order.
  • Significant extra fee for a top writer.

Table of facts

  1. Clients: 50,000+
  2. Years of work: 10+
  3. Minimum deadline: 1 hour
  4. Unlimited revisions: within 14-30 days
  5. Money refund: yes
  6. Minimum page price: 11.31 USD
  7. Privacy policy: yes
  8. Customer Satisfaction (sitejabber reviews): 4.8/5 

My Experience of Using Website

EssayWriter is a company that claims to be a contributor to the general educational level around the world. I don’t know about the whole world, but it definitely contributed to my success. I faced a tough assignment of writing a research paper on management. There it was necessary to analyze several global brands. I had no desire to dive into statistics and financial reports, so I searched for services that could make business and management research. That is the way how I found EssayWriter.

Placing an order was quite simple. I got it done in less than 10 minutes. The question “is it a scam?” didn’t come to my mind. Customer reviews, 10 years of experience, and the website itself convinced me that these guys can be trusted. I chose a top expert, although I am sure that a basic order would have been completed at the highest level as well. In a chat with the writer, I pointed out several important details and forgot about the order for 10 days.

What was the result? Six pages of unique text written in a scientific language with tables, figures, and conclusions. Everything was related to my topic, with no general phrases or wordiness. EssayWriter claims they provide assistance for A+, and it is true! I got the highest grade for this project. Moreover, I learned how to write such papers and the topic became more straightforward for me.

I definitely give them 5/5 in this review. The guys are real professionals. They help not only to get good grades but also to better understand the subjects studied. My paper was better than any lecture. Love you, EssayWriter. I will contact you again and write more positive reviews! 

Pricing and Fees

After you click “Order Now”, you are redirected to the order page. There you can enter information about the assignment in more detail and check out prices. They are about the same as the average market level. Surely, pricing depends on the urgency and academic level. For 1 page you will be charged:

  • Essay: from 11.31 (high school, 30 days) to 31.63 (Master, 1 day)
  • Admission essay: from 34.77 (30 days) to 59.08 (1 day)
  • Formatting: 4.69 (high school, 30 days) to 13.12 (Master, 1 day)
  • Thesis: from 15.92 (undergraduate, 2 months) to 29.52 (Ph.D., 2 days)

Also, the service has additional fees. For a top writer, you will have to pay approximately $3-8 per page. For premium authors: $6-12. There is also a $2 status update alert service. If you are not in a hurry and plan your EssayWriter paper writing in advance, then the prices are quite affordable. 

Discounts and Promo Codes Offered by EssayWriter

For the first order, provides you with a 15% discount using the promo code FIRST15. Regular customers also receive bonuses and various discount offers. It can be felt that the company cares about its customers and provides the best financial conditions.

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Order Form and Ordering Process

An review wouldn’t be complete without a description of the ordering process. The order form is the same as on most similar websites. You need to enter the type of work, academic level, number of pages, and deadline. After clicking the “Order now” button, you proceed to the order page, where you need to enter your subject and writer level (regular, top, premium). Here is a field for contact information (you can specify only an email, without a phone number).

In the second step, you need to give more information on EssayWriter essay writing. You can specify a discipline and a detailed description of the assignment. I pasted the text from the file that our professor shared with the group and added a couple of words about what I expect. By the way, my writer strictly followed my instructions: he compared a specific pair of brands, although there were other options. I did not attach the files but I indicated a citation style and a number of sources.

In general, the process is very simple. It took less than ten minutes of my time. I think if something is not clear, then you can ask in the chat or send all the files from the teacher, and the service will figure it out. EssayWriter reviews confirm the ease of the ordering process.

Customer Support and Company Guarantees

A few words about customer support. The company provides a 24/7 hotline where you can ask a question or find out the progress of your project. I asked a couple of questions during placing an order and then forgot about the deal. They answered quickly, clearly, and professionally. I am satisfied. 5 out of 5 for this department in my EssayWriter review.

They provide all the necessary guarantees. First, it is 100% originality of the text. My paper easily passed the check, but I have seen before that it is completely original. The second is confidentiality. As I said before, you only need to enter an email. No one asks for a name or phone number. In any case, the company declares the highest level of personal data security. Finally, there is a money-back guarantee. However, I think that few people use it since the quality of any EssayWriter essay is always high. 

Revisions and Final Quality of Paper

A very important feature I want to mention in my review: the company is ready to make revisions within 30 days. So, there is no chance for the paper to be of poor quality. My writer was very attentive and fulfilled all my requirements as accurately as possible at once. However, an opportunity to discuss the final result and ask for corrections is very important.

Considering all of the above mentioned (the expertise of the writers, the reputation of the company, unlimited revisions, and quality control), the brilliant quality of the final paper is beyond doubt. My project was flawless. Everything was in its place, the formatting was great, and the style corresponded not only to academic standards but also to the specifics of a business project. And most importantly, my EssayWriter writing was easy and interesting to read. It covered the topic scientifically and simply. So I have no more doubts about where to order challenging academic papers. 

Writers’ Qualification on

The company claims they have more than 800 experts. Almost half are PhDs. All of them are native speakers with over two years of academic writing experience. The company has a transparent rating system for writers so that clients evaluate their performance. I think that bad authors simply won't stay in the company. 

Reputation or “People Talking”

Is EssayWriter reliable? The company has an impeccable reputation. I read reviews and opinions on various sites and social networks. Approximate proportion: one negative review for 100+ positive ones. As for me, this is obvious: if a company has been operating on the market for more than 10 years and has such a rating, then it can definitely be trusted. My review just confirms previous opinions.

EssayWriter Reviews from

Also, I wanted to find reviews on And the first thing I saw was the phrase that students order papers from EssayWriter not because they are lazy, but because ideas do not come to mind. That is exactly what happened to me. I carefully studied users' comments and did not find a single one in which someone complained about the service. All students say that an EssayWriter legit service is very helpful. 

Loyalty Program

Before placing an order, I did not hear about the loyalty program, but it was very pleasant when I realized its existence. Indeed, you save 5% from each order to your bonus account. These savings can be used for future projects. 

Types of Services

In addition to ordering essays, there are many other EssayWriter reliable services. For example, you can order formatting or editing your paper. Also, you can order an admission essay, a summary, and even a review of the film. The number of services that the company provides, in my opinion, is more than anyone else does. 

Offers and Extra Services

The number of additional services for EssayWriter essays is impressive. They are worth to be mentioned in a review. For most of them, you need to pay money. But the services are really cool, and their prices are average. Here is a list of what I remember:

  • Certified plagiarism report. It costs 15 dollars. I did not take it, but I think that if you have a large and responsible paper (for example, a dissertation), then it will be very useful to take it.
  • Full text of used resources. It costs about two dollars. 
  • High priority status. I don't know what this is for if the work has to be delivered on time anyway. Probably in case you chose a regular writer. It costs 10 dollars.
  • Additional check from the pro editor. As I understand it, this is another check than the one that is already included in the price. The cost is about $21. I think for term papers or dissertations - a must-have option.
  • The second version of the same paper with a 25% discount. A very cool option if the whole group got the same task and the same topic. The texts will be written by different writers.

Among extra services, I chose only the top writer, because I wanted to test the service and be sure of the quality of the final paper. I think in the future I will definitely use extra services for term papers. Is EssayWriter legit? I suppose that such a business approach gives a definite “yes” answer to this question. 

EssayWriter Reviews

Before placing an order, I read the reviews on the website. People say that they get "A"s for their work and generally give it 5 out of 5. Users praise the speed of work, the quality of papers, and the ability to communicate with the writer quickly. I agree with the majority of customers, so I decided to write one more grateful review.


Is Trustworthy?

There is no doubt that EssayWriter is one of the most trustworthy services. The company guarantees excellent quality of papers and customer satisfaction. A number of positive reviews prove that.

Is EssayWriter Good?

EssayWriter is not just good, but an excellent company. I rate it like this: Quality of the text: 5+. Ease of ordering and communication: 5. Compliance of the paper with my requirements: 5 Additional services: 5+. EssayWriter plagiarism policy: 5. EssayWriter price, bonuses, and discounts: 5

Is EssayWriter Safe?

The service is absolutely safe. The company has a privacy policy and it protects personal information. All payments are secured by the most modern software.

Is a Scam?

Is EssayWriter scam? Definitely not. The company has been operating for 10 years and has helped thousands of students.

Is EssayWriter Legit?

An EssayWriter writing service is absolutely legal. It helps not only to get good grades but also to better understand the subject you study.

What people say about

Russell Carr
12 Jan 2023

I agree with the author of the review. I’ve been using the service for over a year now and every paper has been great. Not a single complaint.

10 Jan 2023

EssayWriter is the best student service. The authors are always attentive and take into account all my comments.

02 Feb 2023

I’ve got several orders from the same author. Once I requested a revision and the writer completed it in less than a day.

Morgan Morris
04 Jan 2023

Respect to the author. For such a detailed review the EssayWriter should give him a gold card. BTW, after reading this review, I also ordered a small essay and am pleased with the result.

03 Feb 2023

Thanks for the review. I also spent a lot of time studying student assistance websites, and after such EssayWriter reviews, all my doubts disappeared.

Michael Barnes
05 Feb 2023

I ordered a nursing paper. It was completed a day before the deadline. I agree with all the author’s points. The service is a first-class one.

22 Dec 2022

I have no talent for writing texts, and this website is my life savior. My short EssayWriter review: I have been using it for almost two years and I am very satisfied.

14 Dec 2022

This service saved my life when I needed an essay for tomorrow and I didn’t have any ideas.

05 Oct 2022

In my opinion, the prices are a little high but the quality of each essay justifies them. So I don’t plan to place an order on other websites. I trust

Joseph Fuentes
16 Dec 2022

I rarely order papers (only for very complicated projects), and I confirm with the author’s opinion that the result is always at the highest level.

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