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January, 2023
This service might be insecure

Buying online is risky, especially in such an unreliable and shady field as custom writing. To make the internet a bit more clear and more known, I decided to write this review and bring out at least some of the truth about them.

Short info about the service

All Myassignmenthelp reviews begin with telling about the service. It's a relatively old and reliable company that provides help with writing an assignment. They claim to be really high quality and knowledgeable in many fields.

Benefits of the service:

  • Live support, including a WhatsApp chat
  • Versatily in themes and genres
  • Reliability and legitimacy

Problems my Myassignmenthelp review found:

  • An awful website.
  • Unclear pricing, not visible before a purchase
  • Uninformative live support. 
  • No extra information
  • Unintuitive website

Table of facts

  1. The company started working in 2007
  2. The number of 2 million assignments written is likely exaggerated
  3. The company has a WhatsApp contact
  4. The company offers refunds

My honest experience of using

To make a proper review for Myassignmenthelp, I decided to use them! To test the website I ordered a small 2-page assignment in literature - a small book review. The task seemed easy and I gave a 7-day deadline. My goal was to simulate a generic paper a student could ask and see, how they will do with it.

Additional info about pricing and fees

Now to Myassignmenthelp prices review. They don't show their pricing policy on the website and rightfully so because it's ridiculous. My simple and small text ended up being worth more than 50 dollars. What would be the price for something more complex, urgent, and bigger? I don't even want to think about it. However, I still ordered the paper(honestly, not my best call) discounts and promo codes

There is an interesting discount available - a 5% cashback if you decide to download their app and order the paper using it. It honestly looks like a hook to lure you into downloading the app. However, I didn't try it (I've already spent 50 dollars for this review and I was done). But if you want to try it - feel free to do so!

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Order form and ordering process

The ordering process is pretty usual. You are thrown to the ordering page when opening the website. It is a bit weird, but at least you won't get lost surfing on it.

When ordering, you have to list all the usual things like your assignment type and the field it is written in, its potential deadline, and time limit. What is a bit unusual is that the price isn't shown before you give them your email and finalize the order which to me is a bit strange and not that trustworthy. However, if you are new to the process everything will look right and pretty intuitive, which is a good thing.

Customer support and company guarantees

Custer support works through WhatsApp, email, phone number, or their app. I tried to contact it using WhatsApp and didn't reach anyone. The conversation online was clearly with the bot - I didn't manage to get any useful information for almost half an hour. I didn't try to call them though, but calling for a custom assignment feels kinda dumb. This part of my Myassignment review is rather critical!

The guarantees are not informative as well - nothing new or interesting, only guaranteeing to write your assignment, be on time and be original (wow, so unexpected)

Looking at what I got

Unpacking the paper is probably the funniest part of any review. This time I was however even less optimistic because of the website look and the fact that my paper came in the last minute! 

However, the result was ok. There were a couple of stupid typos that I had to correct, but the paper in general was fine. The author followed my instructions well and even surprised me in a couple of places. In a good way, of course. Maybe not worth all the 50 dollars I paid, but he did a good job!

The opinion on writers skill

My assignment help website review was quite pathetic, but the writer actually surprised me in a good way. He did the job just fine, and although barely finishing on time, had minimal mistakes and was quite creative. I can't say I am sure that every writer here is as good and as professional, but this one really stood up to the expectations caused by the price.

What people say

People hate the site. Almost every review I've seen was critical. The general idea is - don't visit them, they are crap. This was a bit surprising to me since the job my writer did was generally good even though a but expensive.

Some opinions and Myassignmenthelp reviews from

Reddit also tells the same story. The best Myassignmenthelp review reddit could find rated the service as mediocre, noting how awful the website is, claiming that the assignment didn't arrive on time and was not great. People complain about the prices, poor quality, and deadline issues when papers either are bad or are fine but come late. This is an interesting piece of information to note!

The loyalty program

It just doesn't exist, which is a bit surprising given they have their own website.

The variety of service

They are capable of doing multiple fields, but that's basically it. No problem solving, no research writing. Most of My assignment help reviews also note this problem.

Special offers and something extra

Once again, non-existent. Other than getting a cashback from using an app, there is nothing for Myassignmenthelp com reviews to note or discuss.

Myassignmenthelp reviews and final thoughts

To review Myassignmenthelp, one has to go through their shady and unpleasant website with unclear pricing and actually order something. People sometimes claim that the papers are also not great, but I liked the one I got!


Is trustworthy?

Any Myassignmenthelp us review claims they are. However, it is a bit weird given their website to trust them.

Is Myassignmenthelp good or bad as a service?

Our Myassignmenthelp review reddit states, that they are. Even though the website is not ideal and some people are critical of them, I liked what I got and for me, that's what counts!

Is Myassignmenthelp safe to use?

Yes, it is. I didn't encounter any problems and the payment methods are all conventional and reliable.

Is a scam or a fake?

No one here is a scammer. The service is legitimately trying to do good, however, it can't always succeed.

Is Myassignmenthelp legit and usable?

The reviews on my assignment help claim so, and I support this claim. They will finish your paper, and will likely do so on time.

What people say about

11 Jan 2023

Myassignmenthelp is actually a great service! Enjoyed them a lot and paid just fine. Thanks for your review!

Christopher Fernandez
04 Jan 2023

good luck spending 50 bucks on that crap. why would you buy an assignment, that’s stupid

April Moreno
07 Jan 2023

I had a lot of fun with them. The end result was ok, but the price was a bit too much for me

07 Feb 2023

Reliable and legit service and has a great review! Choose Myassignment help guys, it’s soo good

Larry Ball
10 Nov 2022

One of the best Myassignmenthelp reviews I’ve seen. Pure facts! That’s for writing this, mate!

18 Jan 2023

A good review has to consist of multiple examples of bought essays. Could have done more.

Jacob Smith
08 Jan 2023

never heard of the company, but visited their website after reading this to check it out from my designer’s view. holy hell it is crappy. those guys should probably hire me, I can do WAAAY better

Kurt Reyes
04 Jan 2023

didn’t plan on using them, and the price is a bit too high, but still thanks for informing me!

04 Jan 2023

A cool discussion about Myassignmenthelp. Could have been longer, I would love to listen to more thoughts about the quality of your paper!

11 Jan 2023

Looks like they are the only service that doesn’t pay for reviews. People are spitting facts! No one is perfect, but they’re at least honest about themselves.

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