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February, 2023
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Check the review of and start using a service that will help you get a the highest grade for your essay.

Short Introduction about the website is a service that aims to help students write high-quality master papers. Masterpapers paper writing service has been in this market for a long time and has established itself as a company trusted by many customers. That’s why I really wanted to check if this service is as good as they say on the website. If you're as curious as I was, you can read all the information in my review


  • Experienced Writers
  • Papers without plagiarism 
  • Time-saving investment
  • Order with few clicks 
  • Free benefits 
  • High-quality 


  • A marriage of complete control of the writing process 
  • The limitation of writing in one language 
  • Not all payment options are available

Facts about the service

  1. Years in operation 17
  2. Team600+ highly professional writers
  3. Deadlines from 3 hours
  4. Minimal price per page of the thesis $12.11
  5. Revision period2 weeks
  6. Refund policy 2 weeks since the day of the delivery

My experience of using the service

After deciding to write the review, I started doing my research on the company. According to the Internet, they assist students with the writing of various assignments in a variety of styles and on a variety of topics. 

That’s why I ordered the 3-page essay for the college English class. The writers of the service have to complete my order in 7 days. The communication with the writer was very nice, he listened to all my preferences and quickly got to work. Most of all, what surprised me was the speed with which the order was fulfilled. It was done in 4 instead of the 7 indicated.

The structure of the essay was very clear and interesting. If I did not know that the writer wrote the text, I would have thought that I did it. I gave it to my cousin to test how much an actual college professor would appreciate an essay. Without a doubt, he got the highest grade and that's saying a lot. 

Is masterpapers reliable? 100%. The reviews prove it. I can't find any complaints while using the site's services. Everything was organized, and written well, although there was one spelling mistake. But this is such a minor error that it had no effect on the context of the text. 

Pricing and fees

The masterpapers prices are quite adequate and affordable for students according to the reviews on the Internet. The quality of masterpapers writing definitely meets the price.

Service namePrice of a paper
Essayfrom $8.22 to $41.23
Thesisfrom $12.11 to $23.65
Case studyfrom $9.78 to $49.06
Lab Reportfrom $10 to $50.19

Discounts and promo codes you may get on Masterpapers

What I

I also wanted to emphasise in my review that the company has a discount system, which is certainly a nice bonus for students. There are several types of discounts for customers of the service

First, there is an opportunity to get a masterpapers coupon code with a 15% discount for users who order for the first time. Secondly, if you become a member of the loyalty program, you'll get a 5% bonus on your balance for future orders. By collecting them, your order will be cheaper. Thirdly, the company regularly offers unscheduled masterpapers promo code on holidays or other occasions; to avoid missing them, I advise you to subscribe to the newsletter.

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Order form and ordering process

The simplicity of the ordering process and masterpapers login is a critical point to mention in my review. The order form is very convenient and logical. You have to choose the type of work and the deadline for the writer. Also submit additional specific information like the subject for which you need to write the essay, the topic, and in what style to format the text.

In general, the whole process is as follows:

  1. Fill in the type of work and set the deadline 
  2. Provide additional paper details 
  3. Boost the paper with extra services 
  4. Complete the payment 
  5. Confirm the order and wait for the response

Customer support and company guarantees

Like all the services I've mentioned in my previous reviews, this company provides 24/7 support. For the sake of experimentation, I wrote very late to the support team about my order, and to my surprise, the manager answered me very quickly and nicely. 

Is masterpapers safe? Definitely yes, you can read the confirmation in my review. They guarantee that the texts are written without plagiarism and will be delivered on time. Moreover, there is no need to worry about refunds in critical situations, this action happens without any problems. All your personal information will be kept in safe hands. Is masterpapers legit? Materpaper legit is definitely something you don't have to worry about. 

Revisions and final quality of paper

During the order that I made for my review, I had 14 days to make revisions. This option is actually very necessary and affects the final result. I made corrections and suggestions several times to check the willingness of the writer to correct the content. Everything went just fine, and I received a very good quality final version of my essay that was plagiarism-free.  

Skills of Writers on

The company has a whole base of experienced writers who have bachelor's and master's degrees. You can definitely find a writer who understands even the rarest of topics.

is masterpapers scam?  No, Masterpapers essays will be written in the most creative and interesting way possible, without plagiarism,  ensuring that you receive the highest grade possible. Moreover, if you are in doubt about which writer to choose, read a review about him on their website. 

Reputation of the company

Before writing the review, I did a little research on the Internet, where I searched for information about the company's reputation and what people had to say about it.

Is masterpapers illegal? No! I can definitely say that the company has very good reviews and a reputation, which was built up over many years. I have not found a single angry review that criticizes the service. Everybody responds positively and warmly.

Reviews from

The majority of masterpapers reviews on were extremely positive. Everyone noted the professionalism of the writers and the quick communication between them and the assignment performer. People also mentioned that the masterpapers essay was always evaluated very well and there were practically no remarks. 

Loyalty program

As previously mentioned in my masterpapers review, the company has a loyalty program for customers. All members get 5 % of their personal balance, which can then be used when ordering a new task.  

Types of service

The company's goal is to assist students in completing good assignments of all levels. That is why it provides four main types of services, namely editing, proofreading, writing and formatting the texts. You can also select as many as 45 types of work to be completed, namely: 

  • Case study
  • Lab report 
  • Literature review 
  • Book review
  • Job application 
  • Personal statement 
  • Movie review
  • Paper writing 
  • Research paper etc.

Offers and extra services

In addition, the company provides additional services for which customers must, of course, pay a fee. They are very popular and demanded because according to the reviews up to 75% of people choose at least two additional services. You can choose from the following services

  • Plagiarism report
  • Full text of sources
  • High priority status 
  • Quality check 
  • Get initial draft 
  • 1-Page summary
  • Simple language 

Moreover, the company offers a special discount. The condition is as follows: order one assignment from two writers who will make two versions of the text. The second version will be 25% cheaper. And it's popular according to the reviews. Reviews

All the reviews that I have read before speak very positively about the company. According to the Internet, users rate the service 4.8 out of 5 in the reviews. Basically, they are satisfied with the result and will continue to turn to this company for services.

I confirm all the positive reviews myself, because I also had no problems with this company. The whole process of masterpapers essay writing was easy, the team was open to all requests and comments, and ordering from them was a pleasure. Moreover, they have a masterpapers plagiarism checker that verifies every text before sending it to the customer.


Is trustworthy?

After analyzing all the reviews, we can confidently say that yes. People trust this service for a reason, but mostly because they see how professionally they do their work.

Is good?

Not just good, but very good. And that's confirmed by customer reviews. Customers are not afraid to use the service, and this is an indicator of the company's success. Users regularly return and order more texts.

Is safe?

Yes! I, as the author of this review, and other authors on other platforms can attest to this. All of them write that “masterpapers reliable company”, “​​worth trusting”, and “ready to help”.

Is scam?

No! The company has a clean policy regarding payments, performance, and refunds. On the website and in the reviews, you can find confirmation that they do their job well and do everything they were paid for, and sometimes even more. Therefore, the masterpapers scam is out of the question.

Is legit?

Yes, without a doubt. All services are provided in accordance with the law. All proof of legal business introduction can be seen on their website or in the reviews.

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